The New Bizarre Trend Heart-Shaped Breasts Challenge For Women In China Going Viral!

China is a creative country that’s never tired of bizarre body challenges. Women have been actively taking part in this weird new trend on social media, where they participate in a challenge to make their breasts in heart-shaped.

Web users hurdled in multitudes to make the heart-shaped with their breasts. This bizarre trend has gathered more than 2 million followers on the Chinese social media. Such bizarre challenges have always been in demand in China involving different parts of the body.

We bring you this strange new trend of a challenge by women to make heart-shaped breasts

This stupid trend was triggered by Ayi Xi Tai Lu, a social media star, who rendered the trick on one of her late-night shows, which fans soon after followed in her footsteps.

Some web users claimed that only buxom women could take part in this challenge as women with small breasts cannot squeeze out a heart shape.

This bizarre new trend erupted on the country’s most popular social network Weibo, with thousands of women wanting to participate in the challenge.

Women are supposed to grab their breasts and use their hands to shape it into a heart.

Then they take a selfie of their heart-shaped breasts before posting it online for everyone to see.

The social site Weibo was not too happy with this bizarre trend, hence, they deleted most of the images, deeming them too indecent. In spite, of this people are not ashamed of joining the challenge.

Authorities are clamping down this bizarre trend fearing girls are “pushing the limits” just to get as many views and clicks on their profiles.

This bizarre trend had male users have a fun spin on the challenge by trying to squeeze their breast.

But it is not the first time, a bizarre trend has begun online, earlier in 2015, 130 million partook in a ‘belly button challenge’ where they had to touch their navels by reaching around their backs.

Another bizarre trend challenge, called the ‘finger knot’, became hugely popular, when they had to make a knot with their fingers, and those who could do the trick one-handed, got bonus points.

The other bizarre trend challenges were the collarbone coin challenge where women who held maximum coins on their collarbone were declared to be the most beautiful.

Medical experts have expressed concern over this bizarre trend on heart -shaped breasts challenge at it was seriously promoting a worrying concept of beauty among women.


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The New Bizarre Trend Heart-Shaped Breasts Challenge For Women In China Going Viral!

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