Brazilian Bikini Model Attacks TV Host That Won’t Stop Groping Her On Stage

Sometimes, men really need to learn to keep their hands to themselves.

A woman is deserving of every ounce of respect and dignity that any man would expect for himself, but some men just don’t seem to get it. Just because a woman is standing in front of you in a bikini doesn’t give you the right to put your hands on her.

But this is especially not okay when you’ve already made the mistake of touching her, she makes it clear that she’s uncomfortable and doesn’t want you to touch her again, and then you go ahead and do it anyway.

Women, dressed in a bathing suit or not, need to be treated like human beings. Because that’s what they are. And by being treated like a human being, we mean given a decent amount of respect. You can’t just go around grabbing people like they’re human puppets. But one man on a Brazilian talk show doesn’t seem to get that.

The host began to apply suntan lotion onto the model with his hands, showing viewers who don’t already know how to put the protector onto another persons body how it’s done. He was extremely eager to get the job done right, but instantly made model Rayssa Texiera Melo uncomfortable with his actions.

As the hosts hands began to touch her butt, the model instantly grabs his hands and reminds him that he’s only supposed to apply the suntan lotion on her hips and thighs! But of course, about a minute after being told, the man begans to grab her bottom again, resulting in Rayssa instantly slapping him on the face!

Lesson Learned?
The pissed off model walks off stage after hitting the man, forcing the director and co-hosts to plead with her to return to set and explain what the man did wrong. Once again, the perv begins to touch her bum, prompting in her grabbing the bottles of lotion and throwing them at him (after another slap of course).

Good Job Girl!
She clearly wasn’t having it that day, but speculators were quick to comment about whether or not she deserved to be touched on her butt while wearing such a revealing swimsuit. But the lesson of the day is do not touch someone after they’ve repeatedly told you they don’t like it. Watch her slaps and attacks in all its glory now!



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Brazilian Bikini Model Attacks TV Host That Won’t Stop Groping Her On Stage

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