Adult Star Has A Word For ‘Haters’ Who Don’t Think Porn Is A Real Job

The actress-slash-entrepreneur has a message for those criticizing her line of work.


Fans of adult films are probably familiar with her name. Harriet Sugarcookie, currently in her 20s, lives and works in Budapest.


She has definitely established quite a reputation in the porn industry as one of its hottest rising stars. More than that, she is also the face and brains behind ‘Safe For Work,’ an adult website.


British adult actress Harriet Sugarcookie is very active in social media – for business purposes.

In an exclusive feature by UNILAD, we learn that when Harriet is not being filmed for adult movies, she is usually “turning her iPhone camera on herself for her loyal band of followers.” Besides, she has over a hundred thousands followers on both Instagram and Twitter.


Whenever she’s online, she says she enjoys interacting with fans and joining debates about her line of work.

Being active online, by her own admission, is very different with how she lived her adolescence. She was mostly a loner back then.


Harriet describes herself as a “nerdy geek”.

“My family and I actually moved around quite a lot because of my dad’s job. I was very shy and uncomfortable and awkward and I comfort ate a lot. I wasn’t very good at making friends. I don’t think I was very approachable.


“I was very much a nerdy geek, but way before it was popular. I’m really happy now that people love comic books and think it’s cool, but it wasn’t cool when I was at school and I really wish it was because I might’ve had friends.”


It all began with a bad photo.

Eventually, her life changed when a friend invited her to Reddit Asian forums and encouraged her to post one “terrible picture”. Her photo later earned a lot of compliments and she made new connections that led to her career.


Harriet has a word for “haters” who don’t think she has a real job”.

She said:

“I mean, I can tell you what my business partner would say. He would say, ‘Well, we employ people. Do they employ anyone? Do they bring back into the economy?’ He’s very gung-ho about that.

“But I think I’m more of a pacifist. I don’t really like upsetting people. I guess I don’t mind if people don’t think porn is a real job because it won’t stop me doing what I’m doing. I take it very seriously and that’s enough for me.”


The star-slash-entrepreneur admits adult content can be potentially addictive and unhealthy.

“I do think there is a healthy and an unhealthy way to view porn. Porn is like any other indulgence. You should have it in moderation. You should have it to a healthy standard.

“Some people watch too much of it, or get too obsessed and it becomes unhealthy. But that’s not a porn thing. That’s an addictive human vice thing.”



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Adult Star Has A Word For ‘Haters’ Who Don’t Think Porn Is A Real Job

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